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Combustion Services

PRIMEC Controls LLC is your premier destination for all combustor and burner needs, offering top-notch sales, maintenance, and troubleshooting services. Whether your burners are conventionally controlled or utilize advanced burner management systems, PRIMEC is your trusted partner. With dedicated teams and specialized equipment, we are committed to ensuring your new installations or legacy equipment operate efficiently and cleanly.


  • Lower emissions

  • Reduce stack cleaning frequency

  • Increase fire-tube life

  • Increase gasket life

  • Improve efficiency with less down time

Preventative Maintenance Steps:

  • Calibration of BMS Controllers

  • Inspection and cleaning of fuel trains

  • Inspection and cleaning of fuel gas mixers and tips

  • Inspect and clean flame arrestors

  • Proper BTU calculated for vessel configuration

  • Burners set with flue gas analyzer for most efficient burn possible

  • Detailed reports are done on all burner service

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